The Nit Busting Process

The Nit Crew, service provides a proven way to kill head lice & nits without using pesticides or other chemicals. Our method is a very safe, fast and highly effective way to remove all stages of head lice – including lice eggs! Our trained, friendly and knowledgeable operators conduct the professional treatment.


How & Why Our Method Works

The method we use is intended to kill or remove head lice and their eggs (nits) in the head hair of adults and children , even babies! We work on dry, untangled hair that is free of hair treatment products.

  Our trained operators follow a specific, timed treatment pattern to ensure all areas of the head are treated to remove head lice and nits which tend to be located near the scalp and hair roots.
No pesticides or other chemicals are used in the treatment.

We really get the job done!


Why Our Method Works

Fast Nit & Head Lice Control

One, single 30-minute treatment is all that is needed to be rid of head lice and nits. The clean, dry treatment requires no basin and leaves no gooey mess.

The Nit Crew remove all debris from the hair (depending on the severity and/or length of time the client has had the infestation, more comb-outs could be required).

Highly Effective Nit & Head Lice Control

Head lice are rapidly evolving resistance to many traditional pesticide-based control methods which have never been able to kill nits effectively and usually require repeated treatments.

The type or length of hair does not impact effectiveness, as long as the hair can be combed with a fine-tooth louse comb.

Safe Nit & Head Lice Control

Almost all prescription and over-the-counter medications sold today for treating head lice and nits contain pesticides or other chemicals, many of which have the potential to cause irritating skin reactions or other harmful side effects. Unlike these products, Our method is very safe and can be used to treat people with asthma , allergies and those who have previously experienced side effects from other head lice treatment products and therapies.


What if my child has allergies as well as nits, or I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

This is a good alternative, especially for people with asthma, allergies or other conditions that preclude traditional chemical treatments. Our method is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as it is safe, chemical free and doesn't make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Our youngest client has been a few weeks old and our eldest client is 86 years old.


There are a few we can't treat

We cannot treat people who:

* Have open head wounds, sores, or visible signs of skin or scalp abnormalities