Option 1

An accredited and trained operator conducts a professional treatment using the Air Alle™ medical device followed by a comb-out, to clear the scalp of lice and eggs (the entire process takes 55 minutes):

 The Nit Crew offer 1 treatment (taking approx 1 hour in total) for:    $140
 WINZ approved supplier. WINZ quotes available for Auckland region.  
If more combing is required to clear the scalp of lice and eggs, a longer treatment fee will apply which we discuss at the time.  
Group bookings from schools, daycares or rest homes will qualify for either a discounted rate or fundraising opportunity, please call us on 022 088 3456 to discuss.  



Most of our clients have discovered, prior to contacting us, that Head Lice are very resilient. 

The key to eradication is breaking the life-cycle of Head Lice and Nits.

Not breaking the cycle is expensive, time consuming and frustrating.

As a result, the following service is strongly recommended for your consideration:

Option 2


Initial treatment as above, then a follow-up appointment within 7-10 days, to conduct a thorough check and a complete comb-out to ensure the scalp is clear of lice and eggs:




Before the forming of The Nit Crew Limited, research was conducted to find the most effective form of Head Lice eradication. After much study it was discovered that no treatment was guaranteed 100%. Clinical research indicated [1] that the Air Alle™ medical device had over a 99% effective kill rate on Nits and 95% effective kill rate on Head Lice.


[1] Journal articles available, contact The Nit Crew Limited for email copies.


Option 3


An accredited and trained operator conducts a professional and thorough egg and hatched shell removal:




Please note this is a per hour charge and time taken will depend on the level of the problem and level of difficulty to remove shells.
It may require a follow up appointment to achieve optimum results.


Head Lice checks


An accredited and trained operator conducts a professional and thorough head lice check:

 The Nit Crew offer 1 individual check (this can be redeemed against the cost of a treatment if it is undertaken in the same visit):    $75
 The Nit Crew will partner with your school or daycare to ensure your organisation is known for taking the problem of head lice & nits seriously.  Talk to us about the incredibly cost effective head lice screenings and fundraising opportunities.  CALL us TODAY on 022 088 3456 to discuss.    POA


Tools available for Purchase


 Part of the battle of controlling lice is having the correct tools to do so. If you wish (and we strongly recommend you do, to ensure your ongoing success in eradicating head lice), $60 you can purchase our early detection tool and effective comb.