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All our testimonials are from our clients and we thank everyone who has written to us to share their experience. Here are some of the many emails we have received:

Briar, School Nurse

"I had a student at my school that had a chronic problem with head lice for at least about 2 years. I had exhausted all avenues with the family, the student and what I could offer as a school nurse, and then my business manager referred me to The Nit Crew. I made contact and arranged for an appointment to be set up at school for this student with her parents’ consent.

After the first treatment the student was so pleased to have had the treatment she was beaming. I think it was a great relief to her. She followed all the instructions given to her and returned the following week for another check up with fantastic results. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Nit Crew again as the service was so professional and the treatment was a great success."

Amanda, Parnell

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for treating my daughters hair. We have had such a time trying to get rid of nits out of her hair for good and have spent over $500 on all sorts of products and electronic combs. Her sleep has been interrupted every night through out the infestation and I am glad engaged your service as it is the only thing that has worked. Her hair is totally clear and she is not itching or grumpy anymore. The Nit Crew staff were so patient and fantastic to deal with too. Thank you so much and I will be recommending you to other parents."

Debbie, St Helliers

"Last week I was mortified to discover that my six-year-old daughter had nits! Obviously I wanted to get rid of them immediately but I didn't really want to use the harsh chemical treatments you get from the chemist. I remembered hearing a radio ad for 'The Nit Crew' so promptly Googled them and booked a session for both my daughter and four-year-old son, and they could fit me in the next day. I just wanted to share how great The Nit Crew was in case you are ever in this unenviable situation! The treatment was VERY thorough (they even looked through my hair to make sure I didn't have any of the little critters!) and I was given lots of great tips to ensure that we were rid of the head lice (they're very resilient!) and to reduce the risk of picking them up again. I would thoroughly recommend The Nit Crew."

Janet, Takapuna

"Thank you so much!!!  Finally, after two years of going round in circles my daughter is finally free of nits.  We tried every treatment under the sun and my bathroom cupboard was overflowing with half empty bottles of everything we had found at the chemist, online and the health food shop.  We were resigned to the fact we couldn't get rid of them and I felt like such a failure and so alone.  When I found The Nit Crew online, I was sceptical, but you were amazing.  From the first phone call, I felt understood and supported.  The treatment was so stress free and I feel confident moving forward with your advice and recommendations.  Hey, if she does get them again, I know exactly who to call to avoid hours of torment, frustration and tears (for both me and my daughter).  She is a different child - I knew it was affecting her, but I didn't realise how much.  She sleeps well, is not grumpy and can concentrate on her school work so much better.  We took her to the hairdresser for her first haircut in more than two years and she is now so proud of her beautiful hair. Thank you again."

Catherine, Grey Lynn

How can I begin to thank you?! My poor daughter had been suffering all year from an infestation of headlice - I had tried everything, combing every night, every chemical I could find, conditioning treatments - and I just could not keep on top of it. To be honest, she was miserable. Unhappy from lack of sleep (the torment of itching was unbearable to watch), angry with me constantly looking at her scalp and generally just over it! One desperate occasion of an intense chemical treatment, I found her in the shower bawling her eyes out, her scalp had been burnt.

I heard about The Nit Crew through a friend and to be honest, it was the last resort - I had already cut her beautiful long locks into a bob and was tempted to go even shorter to make it easier to control. But one treatment and several (pain free, stress free, chemical free) hours later we were free!

Seriously, you cannot begin to imagine how much happier our household is! Thank you from all of us!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in calling you again for a treatment if she gets them again - again thank you."

Jacqui, Titirangi

"After years of religious combing and a large amount of money spent on Lice shampoo products, the on and off re-infestation of head lice that plagued my daughter, the issue was turning into a nightmare. Thanks to Hiria from The Nit Crew with the Air Alle treatment, I was so relieved to experience instant outstanding results in the removal of lice from my daughter’s head. Thank you so much to Hiria for her great service with the Air Alle, which is chemical free and really works."

Mike and Christine, South Auckland

"Just wanted to let you know we are absolutely delighted with the results of your nit treatment last week for Stephanie and Jemma. We have done three comb outs since then and have found no trace of anything. So glad to be rid of those little critters. Thank you so much."

Poppy, West Auckland

"Sorry I haven't got back to you but I look at that as a great thing. After 3 years of consistently having nits without a break, your treatment cured our beautiful daughter. I can't say I have ever seen her happier it's awesome. She may get them again but at least we know this treatment really worked. Thank you so much. I will tell my friends".

Lisa, North Shore

"We were fighting a losing battle in treating our daughter for nits - hours of combing and all the money we spent on products. Desperate, I googled lice treatments and found The Nit Crew who used the Air Alle device and then did a very thorough comb-out. It was the best $135 and 90-minutes spent! The treatment is painless, no chemicals used and best of all one visit was all it took."

Tanya, Herne Bay

"I was mortified when my four-year-old’sdaycare called to say my daughter had nits. I had heard of The Nit Crew through a friend and they came out that day, treating my daughter and then checking me. I didn't know if I was being paranoid but wanted peace of mind, I was horrified to find I had nits! The Nit Crew staff were empathetic and reassuring and gave me confidence to know what to look for and how to comb effectively to stop future infestations in their tracks."

Catherine, East Coast Bays

"Having two teenage daughters, we have battled nits on and off for 10 years. We spent hundreds of dollars and hour upon hour combing. The girls have had to endure everything from mayonnaise to Listerine to hair dye in our desperate attempts to be rid of nits. The Nit Crew service and following aftercare instructions has given us the best result ever."

Michelle, Onehunga

"When my daughter got nits AGAIN, the first thing I did was pick up the phone and call The Nit Crew. We were so thrilled with the results we got on our first visit that we did not hesitate to call this time around."

Dana, Mt Eden

"Everything has gone really well. I did a comb out on Saturday night and got nothing out at all. Another one on Monday night and still nothing. Will keep doing these on Saturdays just to try and keep on top of it. Thanks so much for everything – so easy and stress free. Thanks again."

Jill, Botany Downs

"Thank you so much for your great service, treatment and advice.  We are so pleased and have been nit-free ever since you visited us.  I wish we had found you years ago and tell everyone about you if they mention head lice and nits."


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