About Us

When you mention head lice or nits, most people have a story to tell - we are no different. 

As parents ourselves, we know that having head lice can be very traumatic for both children and parents. The despair and frustration experienced when constantly battling them can be very stressful. There are not many children who have escaped an infestation at sometime in their school lives.

Like many of you, faced with constant head lice outbreaks at daycare and school, we too have sampled most of the over the counter products and a good number of the natural remedies found on the Internet with no relief.

We even used a hot air device, but have now developed our own effective method of treatment, which we've used to treat so many happy clients.

Our top three messages to all parents and caregivers:

Having head lice is not a personal hygiene issue or anything to be embarrassed about. These insects are simply passed from head to head contact. If we could be more open about them how they can be avoided or prevented, we might not have the problems we have today in our schools, and a fighting chance at eliminating them altogether.

Teach our children to be tolerant of others and not to tease children with head lice because it could so easily be them next time.

We understand your need to protect your child and keep them safe, which is why we provide a chemical-free, safe, effective and fast head lice treatment.