Gentle on heads, Tough on nits!

Kids got nits?...... again?
.... time to call  The Nit Crew.


The Nit Crew are New Zealand's head lice and nit experts who can treat your head lice problem, in a 30 minute appointment, that works!!

WINZ approved supplier

Established in 2010, The Nit Crew's treatment process breaks the life-cycle of head lice. Our proven method eradicates head lice and nits. It is safe, quick, effective and chemical free.

We know that traditional treatment of nits and head lice is time consuming and as parents seek a result - trying multiple products to get a successful result, it can prove costly and stressful both for parents and the child. So, for a proven, professional solution come into The Nit Clinic and get The Nit Crew to do the work for you.


WINZ quotes available for Auckland region.



WINZ approved supplier

WINZ quotes available:
.....Auckland Region.


Client Testimonials

All our testimonials are from our clients and we thank everyone who has written to us to share their experience. Here are some of the many emails we have received: Please email us today if you want to share your story.

Briar, School Nurse

“I had a student at my school that had a chronic problem with head lice for at least about 2 years. I had exhausted all avenues with the family, the student and what I could offer as a school nurse, and then my business manager referred me to The Nit Crew. I made contact and arranged for an appointment to be set up at school for this student with her parents’ consent.

After the first treatment the student was so pleased to have had the treatment she was beaming. I think it was a great relief to her. She followed all the instructions given to her and returned the following week for another check up with fantastic results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Nit Crew again as the service was so professional and the treatment was a great success”.

Amanda, Parnell

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for treating my daughters hair. We have had such a time trying to get rid of nits out of her hair for good and have spent over $500 on all sorts of products and electronic combs. Her sleep has been interrupted every night through out the infestation and I am glad engaged your service as it is the only thing that has worked. Her hair is totally clear and she is not itching or grumpy anymore. The Nit Crew staff were so patient and fantastic to deal with too. Thank you so much and I will be recommending you to other parents."

Debbie, St Helliers

"Last week I was mortified to discover that my six-year-old daughter had nits! Obviously I wanted to get rid of them immediately but I didn't really want to use the harsh chemical treatments you get from the chemist. I remembered hearing a radio ad for 'The Nit Crew' so promptly Googled them and booked a session for both my daughter and four-year-old son, and they could fit me in the next day. I just wanted to share how great The Nit Crew was in case you are ever in this unenviable situation! The treatment was VERY thorough (they even looked through my hair to make sure I didn't have any of the little critters!) and I was given lots of great tips to ensure that we were rid of the head lice (they're very resilient!) and to reduce the risk of picking them up again. I would thoroughly recommend The Nit Crew."

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